Trident Fiber-Optic Probes

Trident with Sensor

Trident Fiber-optic Probes TRIOur most popular and cost-efficient option for the test of multiple LEDs — testing three LEDs with a single Sensor.  This method of testing LEDs scales up, so that testing 3, 30, 300 — or any number of LEDs — is far more cost-efficient than other methods. This is our most popular Fiber-optic Probe and can be combined with any of our Universal LightProbe Sensors.

There are two types of “Trident” Fiber-optic Probes – and for each type there is a choice of stainless-steel tips – as outlined below.

The Original Trident

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The original “Trident” has three separate Fiber-optic Probes that are inserted into a single Universal LightProbe Sensor. The advantage of the original “Trident” is that if one of the Fiber-optic Probes becomes damaged, that single probe is replaceable.  Part number suffix is: 250T-12×12.

trident wout sensor

The Skinny Trident

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The “Skinny Trident” has three Fiber-optic Probes that are assembled into a single stainless-steel housing, which is then inserted into the Universal LightProbe Sensor. These individual Fiber-optic Probes are not replaceable. If one is damaged, the entire unit needs to be replaced. Part number suffix is: 250T/13-12.

skinny trident wout sensor

There are 6 tip styles in the Trident model and 5 tip styles in the Skinny Trident model available to account for variations in working distance, LED orientation and accessibility:










Above tips available in both Trident and Skinny Trident models




Above 12P Side-looking tips available in Trident model only


Please see the Optomistic Products Catalog  for information on part numbers and ordering