S2 Penta Sensors

Optomistic Products’ best-selling Sensor, the ULP S2 Penta Sensor, is relied upon for its versatility in accommodating most LED color and intensity test applications. Implemented in a unique and customizable 2-Part solution, the S2 Penta Sensor is assembled with your choice of Fiber-Optic Probe, including for the test of densely-spaced LEDs, bright LEDs, dim or misaligned LEDs, right-angle LEDs, and more, including the popular “Trident” Fiber-Optic Probes to sequentially test 3 LEDs with a single Sensor.

The Universal LightProbe S2 Penta Sensor features built-in color binning – testing any of the five main LED colors, blue, green, yellow/amber, orange, red, and also white, by providing a unique voltage output for each color. The color output is independent of intensity, which saves valuable processing time.

ULP Penta_color_chart with Vout

Universal LightProbe S2 Penta Sensors also test a wide range of LED intensity, from dim to bright LEDs, without adjustment, providing an analog voltage output corresponding the the LED’s luminous intensity in milicandelas.

ULP graph

For very dim or very bright LEDs, High-Sensitivity and Low-Sensitivity S2 Penta Sensors are available.

In cases where the LED color under test is a “boundary color” and does not fit into the five prescribed visual colors on the S2 Penta Sensor, we recommend our S2 Spectra Sensor