Wide-Aperture Fiber-Optic Probes

Wide-aperture Fiber-optic Probes and Very Wide-aperture Fiber-optic Probes are used to test dim or misaligned LEDs, as outlined below.

Flexible Wide-aperture Fiber-Optic Probes

The Flexible Wide-aperture Fiber-optic Probes have an aperture of 2mm, allowing in 4x the amount of light as the Small-aperture Fiber-optic Probes, and are best for testing dim or misaligned LEDs, or LEDs that are being tested through another substance, such as plastic in a finished product test.

The 2.77mm/0.109 inch diameter non-contacting tip enables the distance between the LED and the Fiber-optic Probe to be increased, thereby increasing the field-of-view to help compensate for potential misalignment errors in a fixture.  They are also great for testing finished-product displays such as illuminated switch alpha-numeric icons.  For dimension drawings and full part numbers, please see the Fiber-optic Probe Quick Guide.

Straight Wide-Aperture Fiber-optic Probes
Side-looking Wide-aperture Fiber-optic Probes: for Side-emitting LEDs

Rigid Wide-aperture Fiber-Optic Probes

The Rigid Wide-aperture Fiber-optic Probes are encased in stainless-steel, and also have an aperture of 2mm to allow in 4x the amount of light as the Small-aperture Fiber-optic Probes.  The 2.77mm/0.109 inch diameter stainless-steel casing is available in straight and right-angle models.  For dimension drawings and full part numbers, please see the Fiber-optic Probe Quick Guide.

Very Wide-aperture Fiber-Optic Probes

The Very Wide-aperture Fiber-optic Probes have an aperture of 3mm, and were developed for the test of difficult to access LEDs (such as LEDs in RJ45 connectors) and allow in the maximum amount of light from the LED under test. Available only with a semi-flexible cable with a bend radius of 2 inches, and a diameter of 3.7mm/0.145 inches.  For dimension drawings and full part numbers,  please see the Fiber-optic Probe Quick Guide.

For more detail on specific fiber-optic probes, please download the Universal LightProbe Catalog.