Universal LightProbe S2 Sensors


Optomistic Products’ Universal LightProbe S2 Sensors are designed for the In-circuit, Functional or Finished Product test of an LED’s color and/or intensity. Implemented in a unique and customizable 2-Part solution, the S2 Sensor is assembled with your choice of Fiber-Optic Probe, including for the test of densely-spaced LEDs, bright LEDs, dim or misaligned LEDs, right-angle LEDs, and more, including the popular “Trident” Fiber-Optic Probes to sequentially test 3 LEDs with a single Sensor.

First, determine your test requirements. For example: LED color and intensity test with an analog output, or, LED ON/OFF status with a digital output, etc.  Then, choose from the range of Sensors listed below to address those requirements.

Second, choose a Fiber-optic Probe to customize the test for specific mechanical requirements and constraints.

S2 Penta Sensors:

Our most popular Sensor for both ICT and Functional Test. Provides color binning for the 5 main LED colors and white, plus intensity test.  Analog voltage output.

S2 Spectra Sensors:

Assign your own color boundaries/bin for any color in the visual spectrum, plus intensity test. Analog voltage output. Best for testing ‘Boundary Color’ LEDs

Spectra USB Sensors:

Popular for Functional test, providing color wavelength in nanometers, plus intensity test. Serial digital output via a USB connection to your PC.

S2 Unicolor Sensors:

Pre-programmed to test any one of the 5 main LED colors, plus white, providing an analog voltage output relative to the LED’s intensity.

S2 Unicolor Digital Sensors:

Pre-programmed to test any one of the 5 main LED colors, plus white. Digital output.

S2 Blinx Digital Sensors:

Fast ON/OFF status of steady-state or blinking LEDs, up to 15Hz. Digital output.

S2 Ultra High Sensitivity Sensors:

For the ON/OFF status test of extremely dim LEDs, down to 0.018mcds. Digital output.

S2 Penta High Sensitivity Sensors:

Color binning and intensity test of very dim LEDs. Analog voltage output.

For a quick reference, refer to Which Sensor is Best for Your Test