Products Overview

Sensor + Fiber-Optic Probe

Universal LightProbes™ offer a unique two-part Solution with an S2 Sensor assembled with your choice of Fiber-Optic Probe, providing a quick and easy customization for your specific LED color and intensity test applications.

Choose the best Sensor type for your test and a Fiber-Optic Probe for LED brightness mechanical constraints.


The Universal LightProbe S2 Penta Sensor is our most popular Sensor, fulfilling most LED color and intensity test requirements with a simple solution that has been relied upon by thousands of test engineers for over a decade. The S2 Penta Sensor can be combined with any of our Fiber-optic Probes – including the Trident Fiber-optic Probe – which provides the most cost-effective LED test solution available.

For LED tests applications that have specific requirements in terms of output, or the type of test, simply choose a Universal LightProbe™ Sensor that is pre-programmed to meet those specific test and output requirements:

Type of Test

Color and/or Intensity:  Penta, SpectraSpectra USB or Unicolor Sensors

Single Color only:  Unicolor Digital Sensors (no intensity output)

ON/OFF:  Blinx Digital or Ultra High Sensitivity Sensors (“color-blind”)

Type of Output/Interface

Analog Voltage Output: Penta, Spectra or Unicolor Sensor

Digital Voltage Output: choose Unicolor Digital, Blinx Digital or Ultra High Sensitivity Sensor

Serial Digital Output and USB Interface: choose Spectra USB Sensor

LED Type Under Test

Most LEDs: Penta, Spectra, Unicolor, Unicolor Digital

Extremely Bright LED:  Low-Sensitivity Sensor – available in all sensor types

Extremely Dim LED:  Ultra High Sensitivity or  Penta High Sensitivity Sensor

Blinking LED:  Blinx Digital Sensor

For a quick reference chart, please go to Which Sensor is Best For My Test? or download the Optomistic Products 2023 Catalog.

Fiber-Optic Probes

Fiber-Optic Probes

Universal LightProbe™ Fiber-Optic Probes come in over 30 models, which allows for precise requirements in spacing, alignment and working distance from the LED’s, as well as LED’s that are difficult to access.

Test Environment

Closely Spaced LEDs:  Small-Aperture Fiber-optic Probes test LEDs as close as 0.050″ on centers

Large Quantities of LEDs:  Trident Fiber-optic Probes for the most cost-efficient test LED test

Dim, Hard-to-reach, or Misaligned LEDs:  Wide-Aperture and Very Wide-Aperture Fiber-optic Probes compensate for these issues

Side-Emitting LEDs:  A variety of Fiber-optic Probes are available in both Wide and Small-Aperture models

Refined Intensity Measurement:  Wide-aperture Fiber-optic Probes with Contacting Tips enable consistent intensity measurements

For a quick reference chart, please go to Which Fiber-Optic Probe is Best For My Test? or download the Optomistic Products 2023 Catalog.