Application Notes

After dedicating over 31 years to the test of LEDs, Optomistic Products has developed a library of Application Notes that support our product, and also offer insight to issues unique to LED test.

Below you will find essential Application Notes; if you have issues that are not addressed in the Notes below, contact us — our expertise in LED test will most likely provide you with the answer you need.

Installation Checklist – Everything you require to be sure your installation is fast and easy

Installing and Replacing Universal LightProbe Fiber-optic Probes – Instructions on how to replace Fiber-optic Probes in Universal LightProbe Sensors

Spectra USB Sensor Installation for Windows –  Instructions for driver and software installation

Sensor Troubleshooting Checklist– If the Universal LightProbe’s response is not as anticipated, check here first

Sensor Sensitivity Ranges – A chart of Universal LightProbe Sensor sensitivity ranges with respect to the luminous intensity of the LED under test

Sensor Six Pack Installation and Accessories  – Instructions for the installation of the Sensor Six Pack – which installs 6 Universal LightProbe Sensors without the need for wire-wrapped connections

Testing Boundary Color LEDs – A quick guide to managing the test of “boundary” color LEDs

C.I.E. 1931 Chrom

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