Our customers rely on Universal LightProbes to find the faults before their customers can. Considered the trusted original solution for the test of LEDs world-wide.


VI Engineering

“V I Engineering specializes in providing test solutions for electronic boards and devices within a variety of industries. VI Engineering’s UTP 100/200/300 test platforms are ideal for scaling to meet the needs from the basic (e.g., wearable medical device) to the most advanced (e.g., flight system ECU) and enables development on an accelerated schedule. The Universal LightProbe Ultra High Sensitivity sensor met our difficult criteria and was painless to integrate to the existing test system. Since deployment, we’ve tested over 15 million units with astounding consistency and accuracy from the Ultra High Sensitivity sensor. Thanks again to the team at Optomistic for the extra help in selecting the correct sensor for our use case and ensuring we could meet our tight delivery schedule – the quality of the product and customer support made our job that much easier.”  – Chris Beuschel, V I Engineering, Inc.


Arcadia Test

“I love the Universal LightProbes. They are easy to install into our fixtures and are very user friendly for our customers to apply for their test requirements while being very accurate. Customer Service is excellent. I always get immediate responses whenever I have questions about an application or how to incorporate the Universal LightProbes into a design based on our customer needs.” Mark Harlan, Arcadia Test.



Testing House

“Testing House, Inc. develops ICT programs for customers in many different fields, from medical products to networking.  We have seen a consistent and accurate result for measuring the color and intensity of LEDs during our ICT development/debug and in production. Expected preset voltage levels based on the LED color provides a straightforward debug and testing path. The Optomistic Products Universal LightProbes allow us the flexibility to measure single or multiple LEDs in a cost productive way. With the Trident product, we are able to test up to 3 separate LEDs with one sensor, saving money for our customer. Fixture installation is straightforward. With Optomistic Products’ different light pipe assemblies, our fixture vendors can easily install the sensors to test any LED. Minimal wiring (4 -wires), allows for quick wiring and ease of updates/changes if required.” Bill Bischoff, Testing House