IR LightSource


Universal LightSource™ are designed for the test of IR (infrared) sensors, with a choice of eight different IR wavelengths: 830nm, 850nm, 870nm, 875nm, 880nm, 890nm, 940nm and 950nm, and with radiant intensities commonly used for such IR emitters.

The Universal LightSources use a standard 5-volt DC power supply connected via a connecting cable with mating coaxial power plug and terminated with clearly polarized push-on connectors to access fixture 5-volt D.C. supply wire-wrap pins wherever available. Alternatively, the Universal LightSource can be connected to a serial-digital pulse-code-modulated signal source.

Universal LightSources can be mounted with a single-hole mounting clip. For fixture mounting, choose from a wide variety of Universal LightProbe Fiber-optic Probes, which can be coupled to the IR LightSources to probe an IR sensor under test.