S2 Unicolor Sensors

The Universal LightProbe S2 Unicolor Sensor is designed for the intensity test of any single one of the five main LED colors (blue, green, yellow, orange, and red) plus white and Infrared (700nm to 1,000nm).  Implemented in a unique and customizable 2-Part solution, the S2 Unicolor Sensor is assembled with your choice of Fiber-Optic Probe, including for the test of densely-spaced LEDs, bright LEDs, dim or misaligned LEDs, right-angle LEDs, and more, including the popular “Trident” Fiber-Optic Probes to sequentially test 3 LEDs with a single Sensor.

Universal LightProbe S2 Unicolor Sensors check the LED color by providing a voltage output proportional to LED intensity only if the LED is the color specified for the S2 Unicolor Sensor, e.g., blue, green, yellow/amber, orange, red or white, or Infrared. The Universal LightProbe S2 Unicolor Sensor provides a single analog output, ranging from 0 to 4 volts, which corresponds to the LED intensity, only if the correct color is detected. The Sensor will be insensitive to the wrong color.